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Have you ever...

went long on a stock, but got the wrong timing?
exited your position way too early?
lost money despite picking a winner?
wanted to go beyond just the fundamentals?

Fundamentals aren't enough in today's market.

It's super frustrating to lose money even when you pick the right stocks.

And it can be painful to capture only a small part of a move, leaving gains on the table - alpha that your clients deserve.

What if layering price action analysis on top of fundamentals could help you beat your benchmarks more easily?

After only a half-day training session, we helped a $2+ billion AUM long-only asset manager re-think their entry points:

This isn't just a cherry-picked example with hindsight bias.

We did this live, in person.

Introducing a powerful framework for asset managers...

Live Discussion

No pre-recorded lectures or sleepy Zoom meetings. Let’s talk shop.

Real Case Studies

We’ll examine 3 securities of your choosing via real-time analysis.

Strengthen Your Core

Increase your alpha by learning when to pounce (or wait) on trades.

Who needs this?

Portfolio Managers Asset Managers Chief Investment Officers Chief Risk Officers Head Traders Research Analysts

… and anyone making investment/trade decisions based on fundamental analysis.

Course Sections

Section 1

Intro Case Study

Enhance your analysis by learning different ways to approach channel checks and identify “true” drivers of growth, combined with price action.

Section 2

The Fundamentals of Fundamentals

Explore how capital structure is a key driver of valuation and why P/E ratios are suboptimal, often leading to wrong decisions.

Bonus: GAAP to Stat adjustments.

Section 3

The Technicals of Technicals

Recognize price action as the best technical indicator, manage your expectations for candlestick patterns, and detect early trend change formations.

Section 4

Putting It All Together

You pick 3 securities. We discuss investment theses and analyze their technicals to validate or contradict them for a final assessment.

Training Methodology

Our approach is to teach you how to fish, rather than give you a fish.

We don't give a one-way lecture where you memorize every cell and formula.

We nudge you toward uncovering answers on your own by leading with the right questions.

The end result? Longer-term knowledge retention that will last an entire career.

WST provided instruction adapted to our specific needs that combined relevant theory and practice. Our instructor was able to keep the entire class engaged by expecting and obtaining participation and contribution from everyone. … [O]ur expectations were exceeded on all accounts.
You'll walk out of this class with new tools you can use right away:
  • Stronger fundamental analysis skills
  • Improved timing and risk-reward
  • A sharper eye for key price patterns
  • Framework for balancing fundamentals & technicals
Not bad for a few days' work.
At your level, even a 1% edge could make an enormous difference.

Ready to elevate your investing decisions?

See if this course is right for you and your team.

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Who We Are

Most training firms focus on one specific half of the industry but not the other (e.g. equities vs. credit, or fundamental analysis vs. technical analysis). Our strength comes from combining both halves to present a holistic, comprehensive view.

The end result? Training programs that elevate participants above their peers by drawing from other facets of finance — usually the opposing ones.

Our rigorous approach is reflected in our training methodology: we believe in teaching independent thinking and emphasizing deep conceptual understanding, leading to stronger, faster analytical skills that last an entire career.

Wall Street Training & Advisory, Inc. (WST) has a nearly two-decades-long track record of successfully providing services to asset managers, hedge funds, and other buy-side institutional investors. Learn more on our homepage.


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WST will not be held responsible for any losses, financial or otherwise, incurred. While historical stock price data is from publicly available sources and believed to be true, WST does not guarantee the reliability or completeness of any information.

Any statements and/or examples of earnings or financial returns, including hypothetical or simulated performance results, are solely for illustrative purposes. Past performance is not an indication of potential future results.

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