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If every firm used WST for their training needs...

they wouldn’t be frustrated with getting new hires up to speed.
their juniors wouldn’t have that “deer in headlights” look on the job.
productivity increases of over 10x (1,000%) would be normal.
the entire team would be superstars in Excel and financial modeling.

Smooth out the financial analysis learning curve in record time.

Think Independently

No more textbook definitions and academic formulas. Welcome to the real world.

Massive Productivity Increase

Our training guarantees at least 10x higher efficiency. Isn’t that a near-infinite ROI?

Superior Methodology

"Edutainment" just works. We keep classes interactive and engaging!

Who needs this?

Professionals joining high-performing teams or participating in:

New Hire Training Lateral Hire Training Management Rotation Programs Continuing Professional Education

… and anyone who has a thirst for knowledge and improving their skill set.

  • Dynamic, interactive teaching - no boring lectures
  • Real-world scenarios and their nuances, not just “easy” examples
  • Pre- and post- training assessments as required
  • Free lifetime support for training participants (within our guidelines)

Training Programs

Investment Banking and Securities

Focus: Financial modeling, valuation, and M&A.

Regardless of their background, participants will learn how to build models from scratch, ready for any industry.

Private Equity / LBO

The rigor of financial analysis and modeling in private equity is considered to be more rigorous than in investment banking.

Investment banking tends to be transaction-oriented (close the deal, get the fee).

But with PE, you have to live with the company, and thus actually care about what happens after you buy it.

Credit Analysis

Banks lend debt in LBO and M&A transactions. As such, they need to understand how to evaluate such transactions.

Does it make sense for the company to borrow that amount of debt? Or should they borrow more? Less? What is the ideal structure?

Hedge Funds

Fundamentals vs. Technicals, Technical Analysis, Portfolio and Risk Management.

Excel Focus

Excel Fundamentals for the Finance Professional, Advanced Excel for Data Analysis, Excel Charting & Graphing.

Training Methodology

Our approach is to teach you how to fish, rather than give you a fish.

We don't give a one-way lecture where you memorize every cell and formula.

We nudge you toward uncovering answers on your own by leading with the right questions.

The end result? Longer-term knowledge retention that will last an entire career.

I really felt that WST was world class and would recommend it to anyone starting a new career on Wall Street. In particular, the strength of the program is that it concentrates on how analytical work is actually conducted in real life rather than the academic approach of some other competitors.
Your company will end up with:
  • a properly trained set of new hires and professionals
  • an established baseline for minimum competency for maximum career success
  • reduced friction and time-to-competency
  • a team focused on getting and closing deals, instead of slowly re-learning fundamental knowledge
Not bad for a few days' work.

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