Career Development

We will make you into a superstar! With WST by your side, we'll show you exactly how to navigate the industry. We don't just provide generic fluff and advice, but rather, we do a thorough overhaul and analysis of your situation.

How? See below for the steps:

Our detailed career coaching is based on your specific background and experiences. Our one-on-one coach will help you develop a career path that is customized to your background, as opposed to generic advice. Our career coach would look at your specific resume and learn about what you did and then teach you how to position yourself for the job(s) in your chosen career path.

Oftentimes, there's a natural fit that arises based on your experience and our career coach will walk you through your career options, etc. Then they'll build a specific, tailored plan; you may need to take one or more jobs in the interim to build your skill sets, and we'll go through the best path for you.


  • Individualized resume review: from good to great!
  • Master the "hard skills" that employers at your desired company want to see
  • Mock interviews from first question to last: what to ask the recruiter

Student Testimonials

Fordham University (MBA)

"The training I received from Wall St. Training was invaluable. The instructor has highly relevant and broad financial industry experience from his work within investment banking, private equity and venture capital. Leveraging his personal background in his teaching, his style offers a high impact experience for students and translates the relevancy of the material outside the classroom. Since the seminar, I have subsequently received some additional personal coaching from WST which allowed me to successfully pass my interview today at Deloitte. I owe thanks to the support I received from WST, both in/out of the classroom, and believe this training is exactly what Fordham needs to remain competitive today. Thank you for bringing WST to campus. I hope they may return for more training next semester."

Baruch College

"I recently had the opportunity to take Wall St Training's core model, valuation, and basic M&A and LBO workshops through my school. They've been extremely helpful in my finance and accounting classes and helped me land a top summer analyst position at JP Morgan's investment banking credit risk group—I only wish I had taken them earlier in my college career. Having attended workshops with other training firms, I believe three things set WST apart: the instructors, who are at the top of their field yet take personal interest in helping students; the emphasis on teaching advanced Excel techniques; and the quality of the templates, which are clear and very professional. Based on my experience with these courses, I have and will continue to recommend WST to others pursuing a career in finance."

Augsburg College

"Once again having Wall St. Training on campus proved to be an invaluable experience. I flew into New York yesterday for a final round interview with Macquarie Capital. The interview wasn't too technical, mostly fit-based questions, but I got a few questions on in-depth valuations and applying various metrics. After having been advised by WST on what to expect and how to answer the questions, I wasn't phased. Lastly, at the end of the interview I followed another piece of WST advice. The individual interviewing me asked if I had any other questions, and I replied with, "No, but this is definitely my #1 opportunity." The guy gave me a smirk and a tour of the office. I hear back in the next couple of days. Thanks again for coming to Augsburg."

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The Best of the Best: Premium Plan

Looking to be the best? Then you want the guy that trains the best. Contact us about rates for personalized one-on-one training with our CEO and Founder, Hamilton Lin. Mr. Lin has the most extensive training experience in the industry, and can provide the most comprehensive and customized one-on-one session available.

Friends and Family of Distinguished Professionals

So you've made it quite far in your finance career. Your days toiling in Excel are a distant memory, but it's time for the next generation of finance to begin earning their stripes. Some of these will likely be aspiring, young professionals that you already keep close: sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, family friends. Who will be there to give them a helping hand?

That's where we come in. Whether they're just starting higher education, or already a decade into a completely different industry, we can help prepare for the arduous road ahead. That doesn't only call for resume reviews, interview prep, and financial modeling drills; our approach to coaching also focuses on taking on the proper mindset to tackle the various challenges of securing an internship or job in finance.

Whether it be via in-person meetings, email, teleconferencing, or our extensive library of online videos, WST will continue to be a resource. There is no other service as comprehensive and effective as ours when it comes to getting tangible results. At the end of the program, you can rest assured that tapping into your existing network is the last step you need to take. The rest is smooth sailing.

Contact us today to discuss how we can truly customize our career coaching for a future member of Wall Street's elite.