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Why We're the Best

Might there be someone who knows a specific esoteric Excel function better than us? Perhaps.

Are there better VBA programmers out there? Certainly.

Is there someone who's better than us in Excel overall? Slim chance, the same way Santa Claus might actually exist.

But when it comes to using Excel to quantify business decisions, no one else comes close.

We are the best at that – we know it, and our clients know it.

Mission Statement

To empower market participants to make better informed decisions via independent, analytical and critical thinking skills.

We support this with a unique approach made possible by our extensive industry experience and laser sharp focus on standardizing best practices.

Our Approach

Most training firms focus on one side of the industry but not the other, like debt (credit) vs. equity, or fundamental vs. quantitative analysis.

We combine all facets, as capital structure is the crux of all financial analysis – beyond that, free market forces take over.

That means our programs elevate you above your peers by drawing from other perspectives in finance — usually the opposing ones.

Here are some examples of how we set you up for success, where other training providers lead you to failure:

Often, they think they got the right exit multiple, but they're wrong and don't even know it.

The result? Their returns rarely end up as high as their initial analysis, even if every single projection driver was correct.

Determing the correct IRR from the beginning can go a long way. We focus heavily on this in all our LBO training.

Mastering fundamental analysis is only one piece of the puzzle. The consistent outperformers have learned how to integrate other aspects of finance: technical analysis, portfolio/risk management, and more.

It's quite simple: because they honed transferable skills.

Participants in any competent training class will build excellent analytical skills and Excel skills – but that alone won't give you operational, boots-on-the-ground decisions.

In our advisory services and advanced training programs, we consider your specific market position and role. That leads to picking the right metrics and tangible goals.

The truth is that many talented financial analysts in the credit space have spent most of their career on the same types of projects, and they've gotten quite good at what they do.

However, from the very start, they weren't exposed to the ground-level nuances of credit agreements. They never got knee-deep into the weeds, so to speak.

Without that foundation, it's a tremendous challenge to transition into buy-side credit, because many of the terms and arrangements are unlike anything they've seen before.

That's why we strongly emphasize the core elements of credit agreements in our credit training programs – demystifying the legalese and examining debt structures one clause at a time.

Want your firm to avoid these pitfalls? Take one of our training courses today.

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Training Methodology

No boring one-way lectures

No rote memorization

Not too hard nor too easy

Superior Content

Each of our in-class case study companies was chosen because they involve some unique nuance.

We don't just reference "easy" or made-up companies that lack the complexities of real-world financial analysis.

Superior Instruction

If someone finishes our training, but starts a deal on the job with a "deer in headlights" look... that means we've failed.

We teach by asking the right leading questions at the right time. This way, the knowledge actually sticks!

Meet Our Instructors

Last, but not least, our training wouldn't be possible without our team of expert instructors.

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